First blog for the future me

Here I am writing a blog for the public. This has been on my bucket list for a long time since I started reading more and more articles and publications in my work. Reading has been an activity that is superbly beneficial and satisfying for me to learn new things. Short form reading materials especially are more enticing to me since it does not require a long attention span and does not bore me easily to skim through the reading to get what is the main message conveyed by the author.

Now, I want to fulfill my wish to pour out a piece of my mind to the world by writing blogs. I completely believe the first blogs would be excruciating for me to read because they will be so bad that it cringes me when reading them. Yet, I will still share stories and insights to you guys no matter what. Many topics that I want to write will revolve mostly around digital marketing with my experience in the industry, I just want to write about it which is as fun as talking about it to my peers for hours.

A little introduction about myself, my name is Adhitya, or mostly called Didit (you can call me whichever easier for you). I have worked in a digital marketing industry for more than 2 years as a data analyst. Wait, what? Data analyst in a marketing industry? Most people working in this industry came from a creative background, e.g. graphic designers, communications, public relations, copy writing, you name it. So, I would categorize my job as a niche role in the industry, only a few people who use quantitative method as a tiny cog in the wheel of creative marketing.

So, why do I want to write blogs? Why don’t you become a YouTuber like anyone else? Well, writing has given me more confidence in sending a message rather than speaking because I can check and revise my writings again and again rather than hearing me blabbering in the video and ends up curling in my bed because it will cringe me so hard that I don’t want to leave the house, not to mention I’m saving you guys from watching my resting bitch face when I’m talking.

I hope my blogs would benefit my reader as much as other readings benefit me to learn new topics or knowledge about the industry. Leave me a message, send me emails, write some comments on any of my blogs about what you want me to talk or something to discuss about the topic. It would not be perfect, but at least it is something. Cheers for reading!

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